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The rise of technology has led to the development of telehealth. Telehealth is considered to be virtual visiting of patients by the medical practitioners. Virtual visiting is want the medical practitioners now use to access their patients. The method has been in the medical world now for some decades. This was as a result of the introduction of technology to the healthcare industry. Patients can now get access to primary healthcare with the help of telehealth. For telehealth to be able to run it will only require the access to an internet connection. Telehealth has led to the development of software to provide services to the people who need it conveniently. The software is in the form of apps that anyone can install in their smartphones.

The rise of the telehealth has greatly benefited both the doctors and the patients. Some of the benefits are as discussed below. Business models that are new to the industry has been introduced with the help of telehealth. The platforms have made it easy for most of the health organizations to offers quality services to their consumers. The reason behind this is because the patients can be given their quality time with the health practitioner. The the reason behind this is because the patients will not need to wait in the queue for their problems to be checked. The telehealthcare has been very convenient to the patients and the doctors.

Patients can now be able to monitor their engagement remotely with the help of telehealth. For the patients to be able to monitor their health this was made possible. Patients with the help of their medical practitioners can be able to do this. Due to the self-care from the telehealth, patients suffering from chronic diseases can now monitor their health. The technological advancement has made it possible for the patients to cut their cost of treatment and as the same time to improve their health conditions.

Telehealth has made it possible for most patients to access healthcare from the medical practitioners. The new way has been able to stretch the care of the health practitioners to many of the patients who require their services. Telehealth has made it possible for both the rural and the urban patients to get their diagnosis done. The advancement of the platform has made it possible to capture, store and later use the information for a better decision making. Patients will no longer need to spend most of their time in medical facilities as they can get the same health care from the telehealth platforms. Telehealth will have covered that and in result they will significantly save on their time and cost.

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